Every Superhero Needs His Theme Music @stalley #hercules #LincolnWayNights


"back on my HERC ishhhhh" …if you don't think this is about to be my ringtone you are trippin'

Rap artist Stalley, known to his friends and family locally as Kyle Myricks, has a message for Massillon. When so much of the rap music scene is built on ego and violence, money and degrading others, Myricks’s got this to say: Things are going to be okay. The rapper behind 2009’s “MadStalley: The Autobiography” and a featured voice on an upcoming Ski Beatz project “24 Hour Karate School,” Myricks tells listeners to reach for their dreams.

Myricks started out a Massillon native, picking up his drive and determination from the basketball court, he said. His work on the court earned him his nickname, the Stallion. After high school, he moved on with a full scholarship to the University of Michigan, where he intended to keep building on his basketball career. Everything changed when he had a career-ending foot injury. Left without other options, he came back home and tried to figure out how to reinvent himself. “When I first got hurt, I came back,” he said. “I was just staying here in Massillon and I thought ‘What am I gonna do?’” Myricks had been doing some work with rap and rhymes, and decided to push forward under a new name, born from his old nickname: Stalley.

Beyond the local connection, Myricks pulls from his family’s  musical background and his own history for his music to differ it from the regular beats and samples in current rap, he said. “I didn’t grow up just listening to one sound, so my music isn’t just one sound. I want people to know who I am,” he said. “I blend it with some jazz and rock. I don’t want to put my music in a box. I have to work hard to get that certain sound. It allows me to really express myself.”

Full Article: http://www.thesuburbanite.com/communities/x776893014/Rap-artist-making-name-for-himself-in-New-York

Would I have listened to him if he didn't have a song named Hercules? Probably not. But now that I've heard this and did a little homework on his story (love the bball) I need Val to be on the lookout for Lincoln Way Nights. Feel as if it at least deserves a listen.

I think everyone in Apollokidz should step their Theme Music game up… #justsaying


#AcesThrowbackoftheWeek – Week of December 10, 2010

Arrested Development – People Everyday

De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

Kris Kross – Warm It Up

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