Swizz Beats Becomes CEO of MegaUpload


…and he’s a doctor,  a lawyer, and engineer

Remember that “viral” MegaUpload video a few weeks back, the one with a $3 million budget, where Kanye West and Lil Jon and Kim Kardashian bizarrely pledged allegiance to the file-sharing site’s “fast as hell” uploads? The one Universal repeatedly filed YouTube copyright complaints over, successfully taking down the video at least for a while, despite MegaUpload possessing (and sharing) legally binding agreements with the video’s stars, however uncomfortable their appearances might’ve seemed?

Apparently the New York Post just found out about it, but they’ve introduced a startling wrench into the story (that was apparently there on the site’s about page all along): that the CEO of MegaUpload is one Kasseem Dean, bka the producer Swizz Beatz. As everyone knows, MegaUpload is a great place to download music for free, like Swizz Beatz’ first album, One Man Band. All of which makes Swizz Beatz’ involvement running the company a bit bizarre, if not totally, deviantly genius in a hedge-fund-economic-collapse sort of way.


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