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Podcast: aK Weekly #17 “Stay in Your Lane”

The KIDZ ask how far is too far for a news story, what are your dating deal breakers, will Tiger ever learn, will Kim give it up and more!

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Topics Discussed:

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 2nd Happy Hour!

Teacher Strikes Nerve with ‘Lazy Whiners’ Blog
White House Demands Justice for Lara Logan
Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula Discovered

Pistons to Retire Dennis Rodman’s Jersey
Tiger Woods Apologizes for Spitting Incident
The Rock Returning to WWE?

Slice of Life

Five Men That Women Won’t Date
What are your deal breakers?


Grammys : Highlights/Lowlights
Rick Ross/Meek Mill Drop Off “The Perfectionist”
Lil’ Kim Drops ‘Black Friday’ Mixtape to Criticism


Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula Discovered

Now all you need to do is bottle it and you have a billion dollars.

For 125 years, Coke’s secret recipe has remained one of the most heavily guarded trade secrets in the world. Now a group of accidental soda sleuths say they’ve stumbled across a list of its ingredients.

Producers of the radio program This American Life came across an article on the history of Coca-Cola in an old copy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Coca-Cola’s hometown newspaper. Published on page 2B on February 18, 1979, the article received little attention at the time. But, producers say, that’s because no one realized the photo used to illustrate the story is a hand-written copy of John Pemberton’s original recipe, jotted down by a friend in a leather-bound recipe book of ointments and medicines, and passed down by friends and family for generations.

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