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“Boyz in the Hood,” 20 Years Later

I was just watching this movie last night. I think it was just what the 1990s needed to see. The themes are still relevant today.

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Woman Hit w/ Drug Charges after Hiding Bags of Heroin and Cash in Genitals

This doesn’t even sound sanitary. Do you know how dirty money is?

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Charlie Sheen Says He’ll Sue CBS

The media loves to watch people crash and burn, don’t they? The audience can see he’s falling apart and yet these journalists are giving him multiple platforms to do so publicly. Feigning genuine interest and concern..smh

In dueling interviews on network morning shows, Charlie Sheen told NBC News that he intended to sue CBS for stopping production on his hit comedy “Two and a Half Men,” and he took a drug test that ABC News revealed, which showed there were no drugs in his body for at least the last 72 hours.

In two jumpy, rambling, but mostly coherent interviews, which the two morning shows treated like exclusives of the highest value, Mr. Sheen opened up about his recent confrontation with CBS and Chuck Lorre, producer of “Two and a Half Men,” which resulted in the decision by CBS and Warner Brothers, the studio that owns the show, to shut down the series for the rest of this season and perhaps the next one.

Mr. Sheen declared legal war on CBS, telling ABC he would sue: “Wouldn’t you? I don’t have a job.” He told NBC he would ask for $3 million an episode, up from the $2 million he said he now made, when the fee he gets for sale of reruns is included.

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