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Woman Is Fatally Hit by Subway Train

Wow…she fainted & fell? Damn.

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R Train Filthiest, 7 Cleanest, but All Dirtier

I can’t wait to wrap my hands around another subway pole during rush hour o_O

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Eleven Other Things the MTA Should Ban

Some of these are so hilarious and definitely timely. #4 is definitely my pet peeve!

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MTA Eyes Sliding Doors on Subway Platforms

Air Train at Jamaica Station

Sounds like a good idea.

The MTA may install sliding mechanical doors on subway platforms so riders can’t fall, jump – or get pushed to the tracks.

The metal-and-glass doors would be part of a barrier along a platform’s edge and would open only after a train stops at the station, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority document shows.

The system would help prevent tragic incidents, like the Sunday morning death on the L train tracks of 24-year-old Brendan Mahoney in Brooklyn, officials said.

And it would protect riders from killers like Andrew Goldstein, the mental patient who shoved 32-year-oldKendra Webdale to her death in front of a speeding N train beneath Madison Square Park in 1999.

In 2009 alone, 90 people were struck by trains – and 40 died, NYC Transit stats show. “We are very early in the process of looking at the possibility of installing platform doors that would go a long way toward enhancing passenger safety and station appearance,” MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.

The protective platforms under consideration are increasingly common overseas in cities like LondonParisand Tokyo. They are also in use closer to home at AirTrain stops in Queens and in New Jersey.

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Podcast: aK Weekly #12 “Live and Uncensored”

Live from NYC, the KIDZ talk Verizon’s  new iPhone, Kanye and Jay going H.A.M., the tragic shooting in AZ, those damn rats on the train and much more!

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Is the Free Swipe Becoming a Movement?

I kinda like this idea. I wonder if it will have a significant effect if enough people mobilize.

Our ally NYC the Blog — of subway rat and abusive arrest video fame — has taken to championing the idea of “free swiping,” in which owners of unlimited Metrocards swipe riders in on their own way out as “a tiny fuck you” to the fact that the things now cost $104. One group, organized as the People’s Transportation Program, with a goal of swiping as many people as possible, has been long gestating, but with this new round of fare hikes, the practice may be ramping up.

Most importantly, it’s legal to swipe anyone at any time, as long as you’re not selling the ride.



Rats On A Train!

I am tired of these motherfucking rats on this motherfucking train!
crawling on a nigga when he trying to sleep. What would jesus do?